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Hello and thank you for visiting Excel Hypnosis.  My name is Anthony Gitch and rather then provide you with a bunch of fancy graphics and pages and pages of regurgitated information that you can find on every other hypnosis page you will get an introduction to me, Anthony Gitch, your hypnotist and how our work together will help you achieve whatever "IT" is that brought you here today.

Each session is created specifically for you.  I do not use scripts! I use proven methods and am a certified 5- PATH Hypnotist, 5 Phase Advanced/Abreactive Transformational Hypnosis.  I am an outcome based practitioner so it doesn’t matter what the goal is only that you achieve it and you will.   I believe that you are now ready to succeed and I will help you now where others have fallen short.  With me and your subconscious as your guide you will overcome the core issue once and for all, no matter what "IT" is.  No more playing around, if you want it, you CAN have it.  Imagine having an inner calm no matter what is happening around you or think about doing the activities you want to do pain free or imagine driving in Seattle without any frustration and now imagine no more of the bad habits and self defeating lifestyle choices that have been keeping you from achieving all your goals. This is hypnosis that works!

What I love about hypnosis is that YOU choose how you want to make changes and improve.  It doesn’t matter if it is physical or emotional in nature we have a tool for it in hypnosis.  Do you want to feel more confident before the big board meeting? Tired of suffering from chronic pain? Done raging, tailgating and being "that dick" or “that bitch”?  No matter what "IT" is you  can change it, stop it, improve it, master it, control it and above all EXCEL at "IT".  

What DO you want?